Silverstein опубликовали клип «The Continual Condition»

Канадский коллектив Silverstein опубликовал свой новый видеоклип на песню «The Continual Condition».

Её можно услышать на альбоме «I Am Alive in Everything I Touch», который в прошлом году вышел на лейбле Rise.

Текст песни:
A city drenching me in sin.
Atop these buildings we’re both sinking
As we swim in our continual condition.
You found a way inside my head and left me hanging by a thread. Gutted out, replaying every line you said,
And thinking why can’t I just forget it and why can’t I live without you. I wish I held my ground or I could just go back
And disappear from you.
I let you in you stole a piece of me
And now I can’t take it back from you again.
You carved my body from the inside out.
Never hesitated.
Left me on the boulevard here to bleed.
Your eyes had pureness cutting through.
You had me breaking my own rules, assuring me it’s okay,
This is different, you know we’re different.
I’m such a mess I’ve tried and tried to unlearn your spell,
Uncross the line maintain my confidence outside
But this pain it won’t escape me.
A city drenching me in sin.
Below these buildings I’m still sinking
As I swim in my continual condition.
I’m off the beaten path, smashing every light I pass.
I’m so far away, and the darkness makes me need you.

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