The Black Queen опубликовали тексты песен с альбома «Fever Daydream»

Суперпроект The Black Queen, в составе которого объединились Грег Пусиато (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Killer Be Killed), Джошуа Юстис (Telefon Tel Aviv, Nine Inch Nails) и Стивен Александр, опубликовал тексты песен со своего дебютного альбома «Fever Daydream», который вышел 29 января.

I tried to pretend I couldn’t die for so long
kept my bleeding heart for a song
I slept in a flame because it made me feel strong
building up my ice to never thaw
I couldn’t help myself I’d frozen all the doors
I didn’t want you here but a heartbeat reached for yours
I thought that an “I” was so much less than a “you”
blind devotion never sees the things that you do
I slept in a flame to keep me open and true
I ran so far I didn’t know it was me
but now there’s nothing holding me here
and nowhere else that I’d rather go or be
I ran so hard that it was all that I knew
but now there’s nothing holding me here
and nowhere else that I’d rather go with you
fear of dying woke me up and pulled me through

Out on the street there’s a light at the end where we start
Lightning above us is crashing in place of a spark
And we are consumed
I found out it was you
And our hearts run true
With what we’re meant to do
Came back to me with the answer I saw on your face
All other questions removed as we fell into place

Lured away from everything in love that burns so easily
Shy away from pleasure for the fear of the pain
I feel your secret scream next to me
I need to see you open up for me
I need to get you inside of me
I need to get you in
Even from your shadow there’s an urgency intoxicate
Dripping from your lips is a malevolent kiss
I need to get you inside of me
I need to get you in

Without any words without any sound
I can hear you talking
Through stars we are bound
For we never change pre-aligned
We breathe the night because it’s ours
I’m convinced we’ll live forever
Leave all your shame behind the door
Some things just can’t last forever
Because your shadow wants to hide
But you can’t escape my eyes
And when I see you move the silence comes alive
Maybe we should just

In every moment of still
There is a fear that’s growing
One day you’ll come for the kill
And I will not return
No pleasure but for a thrill
And burials are showing
Distraction’s shown me it’s fill
So come and take your turn

there’s never sunlight without you
it never rises my world’s turned still
with every blink looking for your face
but you still hide
now every song is about you
trapped in a second that I can’t kill
wish every night I could take your place
but you still hide
hope I find you awake tonight
when I’m dreaming I can’t hold onto you
never falling asleep tonight
’cause I fear the dream will end too soon
there’s never sunlight without you
it never rises my world’s turned still
in every whisper I hear your name
but you still hide
here lies a heart that time won’t break
and all the distance won’t take you from me
inside the shadow of your grave
but all the gods refuse to speak to me

your eyes don’t see
the way you’re looking at me
you tie your tongue when you speak
seems like you’re trying to breathe
release your guard
it’s not so safe to be scared
forever finding your voice
and caring’s never a choice
always dragging pain across the floor
I know hell’s where you’ve been
but death can’t touch you anymore
put down your bags
you’re much too young to be tired
just pull away from the past
we’ll let it crush with a smile
out from your spell I want you
all alone and in another world
we could take all of our secrets
into the unknown
I see you shivering but death can’t touch us
I see you shivering but we’re never shaken

in the dark you don’t need to know the way
scrape the rails with every turn that we take
no more time to lose there’s too much at stake
submerge and come find me
‘cause nothing else calms me

you’re on fire but I’m turning to stone
maybe we’re just drowning but at least we’re alone
endless black dissolves the skin from our bones
we’ll never go deep enough
‘cause nothing can calm me

I’m not used to wanting to go so slow
nights go faster now that I’m with you
but I’d die just to get stuck here forever
you’re the light of the tomb

and you know it feels right
to get lost ’til we find

suddenly I fail to see myself in your eyes
heaven is an endless hideaway
never is the air and there is nothing left to
separate the earth from the sky

when I close my eyes I feel our surroundings fade and slowly let us die
I know that we’re buried innocent and true
when you’re in my arms
I know we’ll turn nothing into something tonight

How could I find out the answer in time
I wanted to unlock every puzzle with you
Instead we kept them closed
If the earth didn’t spin
We’d take our place I’d find you again
And bottle up the laughter we let go too free
And keep it next to me

‘Cause I
I thought I had nothing to lose
Running in circles for you
I thought I had nothing to lose

‘cause I
I thought I had nothing to lose
Running in circles for you
If only the earth didn’t spin
Then where would we begin
Oh I thought I had nothing to lose
When I was running around in circles for you
If I could bottle up what we let go free
I would keep it next to me

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