Lionheart опубликовали клип «Love Don’t Live Here»

Американские хардкорщики Lionheart опубликовали свой новый видеоклип на песню «Love Don’t Live Here».

Её можно услышать на одноимённом альбоме, который вышел 22 января на лейбле LHHC Records.

Текст песни:
Rule 1: Watch your enemies cause they’re watching you
Rule 2: Stay relentless in all that you do
Rule 3: Never ever bite the hand that feeds
Love don’t live here anymore, it’s just me

I thought I made it through all the rain
Through all the pain
Tried to keep myself sane
Remain the same and unscathed
I’m so lost
Lost in myself
Can’t believe everything I’ve seen
And the words I’ve heard come outta my mouth
Like damn…
Is this really who I am?
Is this what I’ve become?
Battered broken and undone?
I got this pain in my side
And my gut’s not feeling right
I don’t wanna admit it but I got thoughts of suicide

Love don’t live here anymore

Now with my thoughts
blown out the back of my head
I’d paint this fucking bathroom red
Just to kill what’s in my head, but instead…
I just bury my grief
Bury my pain wrapped up in a white sheet
Dig a hole for this bullshit
And just put it to sleep
Covered with some dirt
And a grave stone that reads:
‘You will break just like me
And you will not rest in peace
Mother fucker you will suffer
For as long as I breathe’

Love don’t live here anymore

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